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Maxell Music Mondays

Smashing Pumpkins – Monuments to an Elegy


In a career plagued by ineffective comebacks, the one thing that unites all the Smashing Pumpkins material is Billy Corgan’s distinctive vocals which lie in the pleasantly listenable section of raw. What he’s added in the songwriting process to these tight nine tracks is a surprisingly pop approach, most evident in the abundance of synth…
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John Grant – With The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra: Live In Concert


John Grant has been a busy boy. Since leaving The Czars and forging a career with two critically acclaimed solo albums (the largely acoustic Queen of Denmark and the largely electro Pale Green Ghosts) he’s also fronted a sizeable selection of tracks on the last Hercules and Love Affair record.  Now he’s swanning around throwing…
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Royksopp – The Inevitable End


In what they’re ostentatiously calling their last ever album, Royksopp have gone out on with a well controlled bang. But thankfully their output will only see them discontinue the out-dated format of releasing albums. From their choice selection of guest vocalists, to their cinematic use of restrained instrumental flourishes, they’re at the top of their…
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Taylor Swift – 1989


In the build up to the release of 1989, Taylor Swift made two vague threats. One was that she’d be ditching her country roots and doing her first ‘proper’ pop album, and that two – she would be inspired by the 80s as the title suggests. Firstly, she’s already mastered a pure pop sound, and…
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