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Maxell Music Mondays

Oasis – Definitely Maybe

Just before it turns twenty years old, Oasis have decided to re-issue their career launching debut album Definitely Maybe. Or rather their record label have, as Liam Gallagher in true aging punk style has publicly decried the anniversary release, asking his followers on twitter (albeit in all caps) “How do you remaster something that’s already mastered?”

It seems churlish of him to ask fans to boycott his own creation, as the genre defining Britpop classic deserves the deluxe treatment – if not for any aural make over, but to simply mark the occasion by letting fans get hold of a rarities bonus disc. It’s nothing the average Oasis consumer will appreciate aside curiosity, but it’s the live and rehearsal recordings, outtakes and replica original demo tape that the hardcore Gallagherati will lap up.

They kick things off with Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, a self fulfilling prophecy that Oasis went all out to live. Shamelessly pillaging their heroes for poses and guitar riffs, they’re basically a glam rock Mancunian version of The Beatles. There are transcendental moments on this debut that even the greatest Blur diehards would be hard pressed to deny, for that chart battle defined the era almost as much as the subsequent spats and exploits of the brothers Noel and Liam. Take for example the song Cigarettes and Alcohol – barbaric in simplicity, but universal in appeal. Everyone with a mouth and one solitary functioning ear can appreciate it, and it’s an anthem that rings true from the dingiest dive bar to the poshest student union. They’re great levelers, in lyrics if not musical sophistication. Who hasn’t ever felt the pain in the morning rain

Their lyrics are paradoxically awful and borderline genius. Though the poet laureate post is safely out of their hands, there is a certain charm in the forced rhymes that litter the album. Supersonic is a particularly ripe source for these, such as “She done it with the doctor, on a helicopter / she’s sniffing in her tissue, selling the Big Issue.” You could implode trying to work out if that’s the best or worst lyric ever written. At one point the NME claimed Definitely Maybe as one of the greatest albums of all time, and with 15 million album buying fans behind the band they can’t be all that wrong.

Bob Henderson AKA @bobchicalors

Maxell Music Monday Competition

As part of our Music Monday’s, we want to give you a pair of fantastic M by Maxell in-ear headphones, as well as a copy of the re-issued Definitely Maybe. Sadly we can’t afford to give that to everybody, so we have to choose a lucky winner. To enter the competition, just follow these steps.

Step One – Follow either our Twitter account, or Like our Facebook page. (if you do both, we’ll enter you in the competition twice).

Step Two – Find out the model number of the M by Maxell headphones that sport Dual Dynamic Drivers (follow the link for the answer).

Step three – Email maxellmusic@tin-drum.com your name, address, the model number of the Dual DynamicDriver headphones, and whether you followed our Facebook page or Twitter feed or both. We promise only to keep your email until we draw true prize, and won’t pass it on, spam you or do anything at all with it unless you win. It’s for winner notification only.

Step four – Sit back, relax and wait for us to pull your name out of the tombola. The competition is open until June 9th, and we’ll let the winner know by June 11th.