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Maxell Music Mondays

Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again

Robyn’s back! Her last burst of creativity came in releasing the triple album Body Talk over four years ago which has finally been followed up in the form of a mini album with Röyksopp. The lead single and title track (which threatens to make this a five track EP) is the glorious Do It Again. It’s as brilliant as their other killer collaboration, The Girl And The Robot, but this time things are darker. Instead of a continuous arpeggiated synth line that makes the song float, Do It Again is like being used as a punch bag – the bass synth pounds along yet Robyn’s deft vocal touch makes it feel like a butterfly kiss. It’s harsh, and she knows we love it.

Before we reach this centre piece though, Monument slowly breaks us in over ten minutes of gaspy synths. A mini-chorus gives way to a large breadth of sounds which eventually morph into a saxophone line. It combines both elements that the Swedish powerhouses are so good at, Robyn’s pop hooks and Röyksopp’s experimental electronics. Once you’ve been lulled into a gentle sense of security, out come the club hits.

Second track Say It is by far the clubbiest effort, which grinds to a pulsating climax about robotic desire. The barely delayed gratification of the song builds as layer upon layer is heaped up in an orgiastic mess of Electroclash abandon and robot phone-sex interaction. You know when people describe a bassline as filthy? Röyksopp do that, and then some. The sexual content of the lyrics seem positively prudish in comparison to the noises that drive the two banging tracks on this album.

There’s some more of Robyn’s trademark melancholia on the mid-tempo Every Little Thing. It continues the ‘doing’ and ‘saying’ theme, though this time all these little things are for the object of Robyn’s lyrical affection. It’s not going to burn down any dancefloors, but it’s a beautiful addition to any obsessive love mixtape, and would sit well next to The Police’s Every Breath You Take (in sentiment atleast). The last song Inside The Idle Hour Club brings things down to slow close with an almost cacophonous string drone, with flutes and a mixture of indistinguishable acoustic and synthetic orchestral sounds. It bodes well for their joint summer tour – it’s the kind of soundscape that begs to be heard aloud, taken from your perfect headphone bubble and experienced in a crowd. The album as a whole is a short but perfectly formed appetite whetter, and we cannot wait to hear the two respective solo albums that Robyn and Röyksopp are working on.

Bob Henderson AKA @bobchicalors

Maxell Music Monday Competition

As part of our Music Monday’s, we want to give you a pair of fantastic M by Maxell in-ear headphones, as well as a copy of Röyksopp & Robyn’s – Do It Again. Sadly we can’t afford to give that to everybody, so we have to choose a lucky winner. To enter the competition, just follow these steps.

Step One – Follow either our Twitter account, or Like our Facebook page. (If you do both, we’ll enter you in the competition twice).

Step Two – Find out the other name for the bass driver that can be found in the Dual Dynamic Driver headphones. (Follow this link for the answer).

Step three – Email maxellmusic@tin-drum.com your name, address, the other name for the bass driver that can be found in the Dual Dynamic Driver headphones, and whether you followed our Facebook page or Twitter feed or both. We promise only to keep your email until we draw true prize, and won’t pass it on, spam you or do anything at all with it unless you win. It’s for winner notification only.

Step four – Sit back, relax and wait for us to pull your name out of the tombola. The competition is open until June 9th, and we’ll let the winner know by June 11th.